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Students with a disability

Special education program

Sandgate District State High School has a Special Education Program (SEP). A SEP is a set of resources provided to cater for students with a disability (SWD). The resources include:
Special education teachers, Teacher aides and a separate building. The SEP is managed by the Head of Special Education Services (HOSES) which is similar to a school Head of Department (HOD).

Eligibility for SEP support

  • Students who have a diagnosis of intellectual impairment (II), autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) or speech language impairment (SLI) and have been verified by Education Queensland are eligible for support

Enrolment and Transition

  •  Parents/Carers should discuss the high school placement with their child’s current teacher and Guidance Officer
  • Contact the HOSES to discuss the Special Education Program
  • Visit Sandgate DSHS to meet staff and view facilities
  • In term 4 a transition program will be organised (if transitioning from Primary School)
  • Parents/Carers and student are required to attend an enrolment meeting at the end of the year to finalise the enrolment

The Special Education ‘Programs’

  •  All SWD have an Individual Education Program (IEP)
  • Yr 8
    • Students are fully integrated into the high school program and are given support in classes from teacher aides
    • A ‘support’ class may be offered as a substitute for an elective subject
    • In Semester 1 a collaborative decision is made regarding the number of high school subjects the student is able to manage with reasonable adjustments implemented
  • Yr 9 to Yr 12
    • Some students are fully integrated into the high school program and are monitored by staff. Assistance is given with assignments and some support in class by a teacher aide
    • Some students are not fully integrated into the high school program and an alternative program is offered, Some support in high school classes is available for those students who wish to enrol in some high school classes
  • Alternative Programs available in the SEP
    • Information communication technology (ICT)
    • Boating
    • Cooking
    • Community access
    • Laundry program
    • Functional English, Maths and SOSE
    • Learning to manage leisure time
    • The ‘Coffee Shop’ program
    • SHARK products (the SEP runs its own woodworking industry)

Leaving school

A student’s pathway through senior schooling is discussed in Yr 10 when the student’s Senior Education and Training Plan (SET Plan) is developed Yr 12 Students leave school with :
  • Either credit points accrued towards obtaining the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE)
  • Or a Queensland Certificate of Individual Achievement (QCIA)
  • And depending on a student’s ability other options may be available (apprenticeships, traineeships, OP eligible)

Opportunities post school

  • Working in a supported industry (HELP, Red Cross)
  • Voluntary Work (Meals on Wheels)
  • Enrolling in tertiary courses that lead towards employment or to increase knowledge
  • Part time work
  • Full time work
  • Registering with an employment agency and commencing work readiness courses
  • Eligibility for the
  • Disability
  • Support
  • Pension is an access to valid post school opportunities

Students with a Physical Impairment (PI), Hearing Impairment (HI), or Visual Impairment (VI)


While many students with HI / PI / VI are able to work effectively in schools with the assistance of Advisory Visiting Teachers, the following schools in the Brisbane North District provide programs for students requiring highly specialised support.

  • Kedron SHS – HI
  • Aspley SHS – VI
  • Craigslea SHS – PI
We recommend that parent/carers discuss the options for these students with the District’s Principal Education Officer – Student Services on 3350 7814 prior to making an enrolment decision. This also applies to students who are not currently enrolled in an Education Queensland school (Independent schools, Catholic schools, interstate schools)